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About Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) – an offering for Amazon Seller Central users – is an integrated web service API that helps Amazon sellers to programmatically exchange data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and more. Data integration with Amazon enables high levels of selling automation, which can help sellers grow their business. By using Amazon MWS, sellers can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve response time to customers.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse. Contrary to on premise data bases it eliminates the need to maintain hardware infrastructure. I’s architecture allow it to scale dynamically depending on the resource consumption needed by the users. The outcome of working with a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake is a greatly increased productivity of end users working with Snowflake data.

Amazon Seller Central report types, metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Afn Fulfillable QuantityTEXTAfn fulfillable quantity
Afn Future Supply BuyableTEXTAfn future supply buyable
Afn Inbound Receiving QuantityTEXTAfn inbound receiving quantity
Afn Inbound Shipped QuantityTEXTAfn inbound shipped quantity
Afn Inbound Working QuantityTEXTAfn inbound working quantity
Afn Listing ExistsTEXTAfn listing exists
Afn Researching QuantityTEXTAfn researching quantity
Afn Reserved Future SupplyTEXTAfn reserved future supply
Afn Reserved QuantityTEXTAfn reserved quantity
Afn Total QuantityTEXTAfn total quantity
Afn Unsellable QuantityTEXTAfn unsellable quantity
Afn Warehouse QuantityTEXTAfn warehouse quantity
Amazon Order IDTEXTThe Amazon Order ID
Amazon Order Item IdTEXTAmazon order item id
Amount Per UnitNUMERICAmount per unit
Amount TotalNUMERICAmount total
Approval DateTEXTApproval date
ASINTEXTAmazon Standard Identification Number, assigned by Amazon
Asin LimitTEXTAsin limit
Buyer EmailTEXTBuyer email
Product Group (duplicate)TEXTProduct group (duplicate)
Cancelled QuantityTEXTCancelled quantity
Condition TypeTEXTCondition type
Currency UnitTEXTCurrency unit
DateDATEThe Order Date
Detailed DispositionTEXTDetailed disposition
Disposed QuantityNUMERICDisposed quantity
Estimated Arrival DateTEXTEstimated arrival date
Estimated Cost Savings of RemovalNUMERICEstimated Cost Savings of Removal
Estimated Fee TotalNUMERICEstimated fee total
Estimated Monthly Storage FeeNUMERICEstimated Monthly Storage Fee
Estimated Order Handling Fee Per OrderNUMERICEstimated order handling fee per order
Estimated Referral Fee Per UnitNUMERICEstimated referral fee per unit
Estimated Variable Closing FeeNUMERICEstimated variable closing fee
Expected Domestic Fulfilment Fee Per UnitNUMERICExpected domestic fulfilment fee per unit
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit DeNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit de
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit EsNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit es
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit FrNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit fr
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit ItNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit it
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit SeNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit se
Expected Efn Fulfilment Fee Per Unit UkNUMERICExpected efn fulfilment fee per unit uk
ASINTEXTThe Fulfillment Network SKU
Fulfilled ByTEXTFulfilled by
Fulfillment Center IdTEXTFulfillment center id
Fulfillment ChannelTEXTThe Fulfillment Channel
Fulfillment Channel SkuTEXTFulfillment channel sku
Gift Wrap PriceNUMERICThe Price of the Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap TaxNUMERICThe Tax of the Gift Wrap
Has Local InventoryTEXTHas local inventory
In Bound QuantityTEXTIn bound quantity
In Process QuantityNUMERICIn process quantity
Inbound Recommend QuantityTEXTInbound recommend quantity
Inv Age 0 To 90 DaysTEXTInv age 0 to 90 days
Inv Age 181 To 270 DaysTEXTInv age 181 to 270 days
Inv Age 271 To 365 DaysTEXTInv age 271 to 365 days
Inv Age 365 Plus DaysTEXTInv age 365 plus days
Inv Age 91 To 180 DaysTEXTInv age 91 to 180 days
Is business orderBOOLEANWhether or not this is a business order
Is HazmatTEXTIs hazmat
Sold by Amazon Business EU SARLBOOLEANIs true if the items in this order were bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU)
Item Package WeightTEXTItem package weight
Item PriceNUMERICThe Price of the Item
Item Promotion DiscountTEXTItem promotion discount
Item StatusTEXTThe Status of the Item
Item TaxNUMERICThe Tax of the Item
Last Updated DateDATELast Updated Date
Length And GirthTEXTLength and girth
License Plate NumberTEXTLicense plate number
Longest SideTEXTLongest side
Lowest Afn New PriceTEXTLowest afn new price
Lowest Afn Used PriceTEXTLowest afn used price
Lowest Mfn New PriceTEXTLowest mfn new price
Lowest Mfn Used PriceTEXTLowest mfn used price
MarketplaceTEXTThe Amazon Seller Central Marketplace
Marketplace CountryTEXTMarketplace country
Median SideTEXTMedian side
Merchant Order IDTEXTThe Merchant Order ID
Mfn Fulfillable QuantityTEXTMfn fulfillable quantity
Mfn Listing ExistsTEXTMfn listing exists
Num Afn New SellersTEXTNum afn new sellers
Num Afn Used SellersTEXTNum afn used sellers
Order ChannelTEXTThe Order Channel
Order IdTEXTOrder id
Order StatusTEXTThe Order Status
Payments DateTEXTPayments date
Per Unit VolumeTEXTPer unit volume
Price DesignationTEXTThe Price Designation
Product NameTEXTThe Product Name
Product GroupTEXTProduct group
Product NameTEXTThe Product Name (Duplicate of Product)
Product Size Weight BandTEXTProduct size weight band
Projected Ltsf 12 MoTEXTProjected ltsf 12 mo
Projected Ltsf 6 MoTEXTProjected ltsf 6 mo
Promotion IDTEXTThe Promotion ID
Purchase DateDATEPurchase date
Purchaser Order NumberTEXTThe Purchaser Order Number
Qty In Long Term Storage ProgramTEXTQty in long term storage program
Qty To Be Charged Ltsf 12 MoTEXTQty to be charged ltsf 12 mo
Qty To Be Charged Ltsf 6 MoTEXTQty to be charged ltsf 6 mo
Qty With Removals In ProgressTEXTQty with removals in progress
Product QuantityNUMERICThe Product Quantity
Quantity AvailableTEXTQuantity available
Quantity For Local FulfillmentTEXTQuantity for local fulfillment
Quantity Reimbursed CashNUMERICQuantity reimbursed cash
Quantity Reimbursed InventoryNUMERICQuantity reimbursed inventory
Quantity Reimbursed TotalNUMERICQuantity reimbursed total
Quantity ShippedTEXTQuantity shipped
Reimbursement IdTEXTReimbursement id
Removal FeeNUMERICRemoval fee
Reporting DateTEXTReporting date
Requested QuantityNUMERICRequested quantity
Return DateTEXTReturn date
Sales ChannelTEXTThe Sales Channel
Sales PriceTEXTSales price
Sales RankTEXTSales rank
Sellable QuantityTEXTSellable quantity
Seller SkuTEXTSeller sku
Shipping CityTEXTThe Shipping City
Shipping CountryTEXTThe Shipping Country
Shipping Postal CodeTEXTThe Shipping Postal Code
Ship Promotion DiscountTEXTShip promotion discount
Shipping Service LevelTEXTThe Shipping Service Level
Shipping StateTEXTThe Shipping State
Shipment DateTEXTShipment date
Shipment IdTEXTShipment id
Shipment Item IdTEXTShipment item id
Shipping PriceNUMERICThe Shipping Price
Shipping TaxTEXTShipping tax
Shortest SideTEXTShortest side
SKUTEXTStock Keeping Unit, assigned by the Amazon merchant
Estimated Fee Total (duplicate)NUMERICEstimated fee total (duplicate)
Storage RateNUMERICStorage Rate
Total QuantityTEXTTotal quantity
Tracking NumberTEXTTracking number
Transaction RevenueNUMERICThe Transaction Revenue (Duplicate of Item Price)
TransactionsNUMERICThe Number of Transactions (Duplicate of Quantity)
Unit Of DimensionTEXTUnit of dimension
Unit Of WeightTEXTUnit of weight
Units Shipped Last 180 DaysTEXTUnits shipped last 180 days
Units Shipped Last 24 HrsTEXTUnits shipped last 24 hrs
Units Shipped Last 30 DaysTEXTUnits shipped last 30 days
Units Shipped Last 365 DaysTEXTUnits shipped last 365 days
Units Shipped Last 7 DaysTEXTUnits shipped last 7 days
Units Shipped Last 90 DaysTEXTUnits shipped last 90 days
Unsellable QuantityTEXTUnsellable quantity
Warehouse Condition CodeTEXTWarehouse condition code
Weeks Of Cover T180TEXTWeeks of cover t180
Weeks Of Cover T30TEXTWeeks of cover t30
Weeks Of Cover T365TEXTWeeks of cover t365
Weeks Of Cover T7TEXTWeeks of cover t7
Weeks Of Cover T90TEXTWeeks of cover t90
Your PriceTEXTYour price Easily connect Amazon Seller Central to Snowflake

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