Automatically Optimise Ads Bids, with our Google Ads Bids Optimiser

Automatic-Google-Ads-Bids-Opitmisation has been successfully providing data-driven insights on good-performing vs. bad-performing campaigns for enterprises globally.

Our attribution modelling software utilizes advanced Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to scour heaps of marketing big data to uncover real marketing intelligence.

With our growing user-base and need for automating the bid optimisation processes, we have added Google Ads Bid Optimiser to our solution stack.


What is Google Ads Bid Optimiser by Windsor?


The Google Ads Bid Optimiser was explicitly designed to help Google advertisers understand how;

  • They can efficiently allocate budget for their campaigns
  • Improve the quality and relevance of their campaigns


Earlier, the Windsor optimizer would provide insights based on the CPA and ROAS. This helped in understanding;

  • Campaigns for which to increase the spend
  • Campaigns for which to decrease the budget


However, with our undying vision of deeper insight, we wanted to empower our clients further.

For example, the previous algorithm;

  • Only considered the journeys and the CPA/ROAS
  • Couldn’t improve campaigns that have 100% impression share (as these can’t have a bigger spend)


The improved Windsor Optimiser


As you can see, the previous algorithm was not addressing all the challenges that were essential for understanding and improving Google Ads campaign performance.

The Optimiser was improved to show where space for enhancing the quality or relevance is.


With this update, our clients can now know;

  • Which campaigns can be cut and which campaigns can have a bigger spend
  • Which campaigns need to be fixed in relevance or quality. This is particularly helpful for campaigns that have 100% impression share, and their best option is to increase the importance of their ads


However, we understand this advertising intelligence was enough for advertisers.

Most of the clients we work with had hundreds of keywords, and some even had over 10,000 within their campaigns.

It was practically impossible to filter and update all keywords manually, and even they had the resource to do so, it was inefficient.


This is where we complemented the Google Ads Bid Optimisation with Automation.


The new version of the Windsor Dashboards now lets you run advanced queries on your Google Ads data and filter out keywords based on conditions.


With this automation you can automatically;

  • Stop time or an event-based campaign such as Halloween campaign even if it was the top performer!
  • Increase bids on specific campaigns. For example, if your organization is looking to expand in France, you can automatically increase all bids by 50% on French campaigns
  • Continue with campaigns that are meant to increase brand awareness rather than conversions

Google Ads Bid Optimisation with Automation


The data from this can be exported to Excel and fed directly into Adwords, regardless of the number of keywords you have in each campaign.

This automation will help Google Ads users save tons of money, time and they can start reaping the benefit of optimised bidding almost instantly.

We tested this feature with one of our client, which was using one of the largest European performance buyers on search.  


Our solution outperformed Google’s bidding algorithms by 15.99%.


Which for a large advertiser is a lot of money that can be put to better use.


If you are a Windsor user, you can start using the new optimisation and automation features of Windsor from today.

However, if you are not yet with us, book a free demo today, to see the power of Windsor for improving your Marketing Performance and ROI.

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