Best Improvado Alternatives in 2022

improvado alternatives
If you are a modern marketer, you make decisions based on data. With data in performance marketing the problem is that it’s fragmented.
Chances are that you are wasting a lot of valuable time on manual data aggregation. This is not exactly time well spent.
The fact that each platform (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, …) has it’s own terminology with own naming and date formats, doesn’t make life easier.
That’s where tools like Improvado help. The purpose of data pipeline and data integration software is to bring all data together.
To explain it with an example: It’s like each different data source is an own power plug. Data integration software is your travel adapter.
In this article we’re reviewing four alternatives to Improvado:, Supermetrics, Adverity and Datorama.
So let’s get started:

Improvado Overview

improvado hero


As I describe in the opening paragraph it’s all about data integration. The main message for improvado is to help marketers to integrate all their data and visualize it in the tool of choice.


The setup process is indeed clear and fast.

Improvado Features

improvado features

Improvado’s main feature is the integration of all your data sources. The data can be stored with Improvado itself or in a Postgres or Google BigQuery database. For the visualization of the data you can either use Improvados built in charts and tables or your BI tool. The number of supported BI tools as of this writing is 13. The list contains the most used platforms like Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau and Looker. In case you prefer spreadsheets there is full support of Google Sheets and Excel.
Currently there are more than 180 connectors available with some on request only. If you don’t have a too exotic setup, chances are high that you will find exactly what you want.
Another feature worth mentioning is that they allow their dashboards to be white labeled. This gives it an additional plus point if you work for an agency.
Feature Summary:
  • Data integration and ETL with 180+ connectors
  • Data blending from different sources
  • Own dashboards as well as external dashboards like Data Studio and Power BI
  • Support is available via chat or phone

Improvado Pricing

Currently pricing is not shared on Improvados website. The only way to understand the pricing is by talking to a sales. This might be a bit annoying especially if you don’t like to talk to someone before trying out a product.

Improvado Rating


improvado reviews

Improvado has a very good rating on G2 with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Reading through the reviews there seem to be a lot of happy users and customers. Some times there is a mention that not all features are there but the Improvado team seems to add of the requested features.
The only real downside to Improvado is the fact that you will need to talk to a sales rep. – Data integration and attribution modeling

Buying advertising and marketing platforms is not precisely hard work. Besides buying advertising and marketing software, obtaining insights is actually the hard part. aims to resolve this often unanswered issue. Features is significantly more than an ETL tool. It provides a data-driven attribution model. This means that you can combine advertising and marketing analytics data to understand the impact of each touchpoint on outcomes. Additionally, you can also connect your CRM system to understand customer lifetime value and customer acquisition costs.
You are likely acquainted with the typical last-touch attribution model which comes with Google Analytics.
It usually works quite well for a start. Advanced marketers want to understand the value of each touchpoint instead of only the last one. That’s where multi-touch attribution comes in.
If you want to connect CRM data to comprehend the impact of your online marketing tasks on CRM outcomes this is impossible with Google Analytics.
For most instances where the media buy starts to be more complex and is split over several channels, a multi-touch model is the way to go.
Feature recap:
  • ETL (Extract,Transform, Load) functionality 
  • Attribution modeling
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • TV advertising attribution
  • Google Ads Optimization
  • Dashboards
  • Email and live chat support Pricing’s pricing starts free and allows you to connect as many data sources as you want either via API or it’s user interface.
Multi-touch attribution and marketing optimization are available for all plans. The pricing is structured so that the more data you query (longer date ranges), the more expensive it gets. Unlimited date ranges are offered in the Professional plan, which costs $499 per month. The invoicing is monthly. Reviews
Windsor is a relatively new company so it doesn’t have those numerous testimonials. Just recently, similar to Improvado, they received a G2 review award.

windsorai award

Here is a screenshot of some of the clients they work with. vs Improvado

Both platforms are very similar with two exceptions: offers a data-driven attribution model as part of its package has a free trial and transparent pricing.
Connector wise Improvado seems a bit better equipped, so if you have a media buy on a channel which is not supported by, it’s worth double-checking if Improvado has it.
If you have the time and energy to talk to a sales it’s in our opinion worth giving both products a closer look.

Datorama (by Salesforce)

datorama hero

Datorama is an analytics and data visualisation platform which allows marketers to extract, transform and visualize all their marketing data. They offer many connectors and integrations (sadly the whole list is not public). Datorama has been acquired by Salesforce in 2018.

Datorama Features

datorama product

Datorama’s platform is an all in one data visualization and ETL (extract, transform and load) platform. They have their own terminology for ETL and call it data harmonization. All data and dashboards are hosted by Datorama. On top of that there is also an App store where plugins for Datorama can be installed. It’s not really clear how big the app ecosystem is. Both the list of the apps as well as all the support pages require a login.
Reading through the website it’s clear that this software is more geared towards traditional and large organizations.
Understanding the specific features from the site duplicate is instead high level.
Feature recap.
  • Integration to >400 sources (list not found)
  • Data warehouse and hosting
  • Data visualization built-in
  • Insights & Activation engine

Datorama Pricing

Datoramas pricing is not readily available on their website, however a simple internet search finds the prices on the Salesforce website.
The prices starts at $3,000 org/mo as shown in the above table. The different tiers have a different user as well as row count included. As soon as the row or user count exceeds what is included in the selected tier add-ons have to be bought. Based on the review they do not provide a free trial.

Datorama Rating

Datorama has a 4.2 star score based on 86 reviews on Most of the testimonials are positive. I reviewed them and share a few call outs below.
Datorama g2 review 2
Somehow the marketplace they does not seems very well established yet. That’s probably caused by the fact that it was launched only recently.
For this company as well as many otheron G2 there is a repeating topic: Why is the pricing based on rows? It appears to not reverberate so well with the customers as they need to erase old data if they don’t want to pay more. This means that they have to fork out money if they want longer date-ranges to be available.
Datorama Rocks! In conclusion, they have a pretty good fan base out there with many users relying on the item.

Supermetrics Summary

supermetrics hero

Supermetrics is an ETL tool that retrieves data from all your marketing and advertising sources. You can save the data in your data warehouse, a spreadsheet or directly visualize it in your BI tools.
The tools which Supermetrics connects to are marketing and analytics related (Paid media, SEO, Analytics and CRM).
Supermetrics competitors like Improvado also offer 180+ connectors to choose from.

Supermetrics Features

In contrast to the other tools listed here Supermetrics treats each connector as an own product.

supermetrics product

Supermetrics positions the Google Data Studio, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel most prominently.
The more technical products like the API, Google BigQuery Integration and the costs uploader are in the second row.
There is not too much information about the product itself. What is clear is that there are lots of templates to get the potential user started right away.
Comparing to supermetrics alternatives like Datorama for example the goal really is to nail the data integration piece. There does not seem to much focus on data transformation and data visualization. This is expected to be handled outside the Supermetrics  product.
Feature recap:
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) functionality
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Email & Forum assistance

Supermetrics Pricing


Comparing to the platforms reviewed above, Supermetrics is on the lower end of the spectrum. But it also seems to be quite tricky as its so modular. If you start with one connector and want to add on additional connectors you will have to pay for it. It’s challenging to choose pretty much.
supermetrics pricing
This leaves you with quite a few variations on how to pick and mix the right license. For a simple setup, the pricing is straightforward. However, with more complex requirements, it’ll be more complicated.
As an example, the prices below seems appealing. $39. Mo. Isn’t that a nice bargain?
But let’s switch to regular monthly rates and take a better look. With the cheapest alternative, you have only one source to connect to Google Data Studio.

So to pull data from numerous resources right into Data Studio, you’ll probably begin with $126/mo, which is much less attractive now.
So let’s break down the options you have with Supermetrics:
  • Integrate 1 source with Google Data Studio: around $50/mo
  • Connect Google Analytics with Google Sheets: free
  • Connect multiple resources with Google Sheets, Data Workshop, or Excel for $126+/ mo
  • Connect 1 data source with Huge Question for $190+/ mo or go for a customized tier for multiple resources
  • Connect data from various sources into your data warehouse through API with a customized tier
Supermetrics offers quite a flexible pricing, which especially for a smaller setup can be good. The downside is that it gets complex quickly.

Supermetrics Ranking

Supermetrics ranks at 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2 based on 35 reviews and the majority of their clients are happy.
It appears to do the work rather well. Some fo their clients have a few critical points:
  • The customer support is difficult to get hold of
  • The initial setup is complex and complicated to set up
  • The pricing is complex too (see pricing)
Just recently there likewise have actually been testimonials from earlier customers which are dissatisfied with the brand-new pricing (evidently it was raised).

Adverity Overview

Adverity is a data integration and data visualisation software. It let’s you load data from all your advertising and marketing sources and visualize it in it’s own platform. If you prefer to use your own BI tool it also supports tools like Google Data Studio, PowerBI and Tableau.
They offer integrations to more than 400 sources as of August 2020.

Adverity Features

Adverity has three pillars in it’s offerings:.
Integration of data source
Integration of data warehouses (or data destinations as they call it).
Visualisation of data in 3rd party systems.
Judging from online reviews it appears like they focus on offering dashboards as well as data integration. However, on the internet site it appears like the focus is changing to only data integration.
We see that they have lots of integrations which they connect to a data warehouse. After this, you can consume the data in any business intelligence tool they support.
To sum up the features:.
  • Connection and integration of all online marketing data
  • Transformation of data and storage in data warehouse of choice
  • Streaming of the data to a data visualization platform of choice

Adverity Pricing

That’s where it looks similar like with Improvado: a bit challenging.
Their website does not provide any indication of pricing. You will have no choice but to speak to a sales person for more information.
The closest I was able to obtain was once again from evaluation which I’m sharing listed below.
To sum up the pricing:
  • Based on a mix of the variety of data sources which are connected, the number of accounts form each source and how you visualize the data