Attribution ModellingNews marketing attribution a general overview

What is Marketing Attribution? Definition and Types of Models

Table of contents What is marketing attribution? Why attribution in marketing? Benefits of marketing attribution List of attribution models Single touchpoint models Multi touchpoint rule based models Algorithmic or data driven models Econometric models or media-mix modelling What is a touchpoint in marketing attribution? Goal and conversions Pitfalls and common mistakes Wrapping it up What…

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Attribution ModellingNews Post view conversion 2

Post-View and Post-Click in Attribution: An Overview

In marketing measurement, there are two common ways to giving credit to each touchpoint in a conversion sequence: post-view, also known as a view-through conversion, and post-click conversion. As briefly mentioned in our general overview post on the topic of marketing attribution modeling, the decisions on whether to measure based on a post-click or post-view…

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What is attribution modelling?

Here in this video we take a look at what is attribution modelling.   The video is quite basic but covers the basic aspects and also why attribution modelling is important.   Here we go more into the different models And here is wikipedia’s definition of attribution modelling: Though the definition there as…

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