Commission Factory Looker Studio connector by


About the Connector

The connector pulls metrics and dimensions from Commission Factory. The insights are retrieved at affiliate and account level.

Once user successfully logs into the connector its possible to choose the metrics and dimensions to create a report on.


The user should have a Commission Factory API key in order to use this connector.

Available Metrics and Dimensions

Account IDTEXTAccount ID.
Account nameTEXTAccount name.
AffiliateBusinessNameTEXTThe business name of the affiliate that generated the click or transaction.
AffiliateContactNameTEXTThe contact name of the affiliate that generated the click or transaction.
AffiliateIdTEXTThe ID of the affiliate that generated the click or transaction.
ClicksBotNUMERICThe number of clicks that were from known bots.
ClicksTotalNUMERICThe total number of clicks.
CommissionApprovedNUMERICThe total commission amount of approved transactions.
CommissionPendingNUMERICThe total commission amount of pending transactions.
CommissionVoidNUMERICThe total commission amount of void transactions.
DateDATEThe date of the click or transaction.
ImpressionsBotNUMERICThe number of impressions that were from known bots.
ImpressionsTotalNUMERICThe total number of impressions.
OverrideApprovedNUMERICThe total override fees of approved transactions.
OverridePendingNUMERICThe total override fees of pending transactions.
OverrideVoidNUMERICThe total override fees of void transactions.
SaleValueApprovedNUMERICThe total sale value of approved transactions.
SaleValuePendingNUMERICThe total sale value of pending transactions.
SaleValueVoidNUMERICThe total sale value of void transactions.
TransactionsApprovedNUMERICThe number of approved transactions.
TransactionsPendingNUMERICThe number of pending transactions.
TransactionsVoidNUMERICThe number of void transactions.