Fivetran vs. Stitch Data: choose the best ETL tool for your business


With increasing competition, businesses strive hard to come up with the best techniques to reach sales goals and grow. Data integration of information from our marketing channels is one such approach.

Many companies adopt various measures to keep things on track and manage data. They use many cloud applications to handle different business operations in order to keep everything from data to CRM to marketing automation running on the right track. With such a stack of cloud apps, extracting useful insights out of the enormous data collected can become a challenge for most businesses.

Using a number of different platforms makes it easy for your valuable marketing data to get siloed off. One hand won’t know what the other hand is doing. In fact, most CIOs say that data silos are their biggest blocker to their company becoming data-driven.

One simple solution to this problem is merging the huge pile of data streams into one “data lake” where it can be easily organized, transformed and analyzed. You can achieve this optimizing with an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool! Fivetran vs Stitch data, two of our competitors, both strive hard to get the job done. However, here at Windsor.AI, you’ll find a more comprehensive and easy-to-handle data integration system!

What is ETL?

An ETL tool can help put data into a proper pipeline. By extracting data from different sources, transforming it into a functioning condition and then loading it into a data repository, an ETL tool can help your business in conducting powerful analyses on all the data and extracting useful insights out of it.

Fivetran and Stitch  ETL Data are two widely-used ETL options. Let’s take a look.

What is FiveTran?

Fivetran is a highly comprehensive ETL tool which is used by some of the best practices around the globe. Fivetran allows efficient collection of customer data from related applications, websites and servers, which is called Segment. The data collected is then transferred to other tools for analytics, marketing and warehousing purposes.

The data collected by Segment can be extracted from various other tools like Mailchimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Adwords etc. within minutes. The Segment pipeline leads the extracted data into Redshift or other data warehouses to bump up the user’s analytics dashboard.

To augment the Segment data, Fivetran provides comprehensive analysis by completely integrating the pipeline for different databases, cloud services and business intelligence tools.    

In three easy steps, Fivetran pushes data towards productive analysis and maximizes the scope for fetching better insights into data that is spread across various systems.

What is Stitch Data?

Stitch data is a more detailed and complex version of ETL that offers a better insight into the data analytics. It stores all the user data in user’s warehouse within minutes without API maintenance, cron jobs, scripting or JSON wrangling. This helps users in focusing their efforts towards building dashboards and finding insights, rather than worrying about API creation. Stitch Data makes quick connections between first-party data sources like MongoDB and MySQL and SaaS tools like Zendesk and Salesforce.    

Fivetran Vs Stich – Basic Points of Difference

The basic difference between the two is the availability of options for data extraction, warehousing and loading.

Fivetran stores data from Cloud Apps like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Stripe, JIRA, GitHub, Google’s Analytics, 360 Suite, Adwords, Cloud Storage, Amazon’s CloudFront, Kinesis Firehouse, S3, and many more. In comparison to that, Stitch Data is more suitable for developers and has fewer options.

Similarly for driving analytics, Fivetran has more options like Redshift, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, SQL Server, Azure, and Panoply. Stitch Data does not support SQL Server and Azure.

Our Take

Overall, when comparing Fivetran vs Stich, both ETL tools are quite efficient. Your selection should depend upon the needs of your business. It’s the quality of data that shouldn’t be lost and both tools ensure that. Similarly, it is important that no data is lost during the process and is highly usable. Finding a tool that ensures responsive support should be your choice as it will save you from problems related to errors and set up.

With the right Stitch alternatives ETL tool for your business, you can focus better on building dashboards and charts that can eventually help in taking stronger business decisions and opening doors for valuable insights.

However, our tool offers a less complex, more user-friendly solution with more efficiency. Book a free demo now and you’ll see the Windsor.AI Advantage!

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