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Finally, all your Amazon Seller Central data available in Google Sheets

Most people who are or have been selling on Amazon are already familiar with Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS). Still, there is no harm in going over the basics and reminding ourselves why Amazon MWS is a great service. 

Some would say that Marketplace Web Service is just a fancy way of saying API, or better yet APIs. These APIs can be used both by sellers, as well as by companies that produce apps and other tools aimed at providing a better experience to Amazon sellers. But this still doesn’t tell us much, so we will go into a bit more detail.

About Amazon MWS

Let us explain what MWS is by telling you what it does. APIs allow programs to integrate with other programs, to put it simply. Different software solutions may use different formatting, and certain requests from one program cannot be performed by the other. In this case, Amazon MWS allows us to read, analyze and format data from Amazon in Google Sheets or Excel.

The internal Amazon systems aren’t immediately available to the external world, but they are made available via the Marketplace Web Service. But, the MWS isn’t a tool in the strict sense of the word, it doesn’t come with features, but it does allow you to develop your own features and make the most of your Amazon data. And we all know how essential data is when you’re selling things – looking at the data in the right way can allow you to improve your sales and become more profitable and that’s what every business strives to do, regardless of what you’re selling.

So, MWS alone can’t help you make the most of your Amazon data, but when integrated with Google Sheets it’ll sure give you a full perspective and better understanding of your sales data. 

About Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the Google equivalent of Microsoft Excel. If you have used the latter you will have no problems getting used to the former and vice versa. You can use it to make sheets, calculations, formulas, analyze, filter and even visualize data (if you’re skillful with the colors and other arrangements). 

Any set of data, regardless how chaotic it is, can be properly analyzed and structured in Google Sheets, every modern seller, marketer or anyone that has to do anything with data will tell you that. If you’re not Google Sheets savvy, we would definitely recommend getting into it, you can do it on your own, or sign up for one of the many free/cheap online courses. In 2019, over 5 million organizations were using G Suite, that number has surely grown since then. 

Connect them via

Let’s go through the specific steps and the process of connecting Amazon MWS to Google Sheets with Make sure that you have Amazon MWS and a G Suite package first, of course. 

You will need to select Amazon MWS as your data source and then select all the relevant options like the correct seller ID and Authorisation token before you move to step 2 where you will need to choose the Data Destination or in this case Google Sheets.

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