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Finally, all your marketing data from Snapchat Ads available in Google Data Studio

About Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads is a social media advertising service which allows businesses and individuals to advertise to their target audiences on Snapchat. The format of the ads have different objectives such as driving traffic to a website, app installs, awareness and reach of brands and video views.

About Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio helps you visualise your data in customisable reports and dashboards. Connect your analytics, media or raw data and start creating dashboards.

Snapchat Analytics: How to evaluate and improve your paid campaigns

Look over the ROAS of your Snapchat ad campaign, Co-relate the achievements of Snapchat across other paid channels.

Make your campaigns more Productive

The secret of prolific Snapchat Ad campaigns is knowing what echoes most with your audience. Snapchat Analytics figure out exactly which campaigns, audience segments stimulate revenue.

Allocation of  Budget and time

If you’re running numerous paid campaigns, Snapchat Analytics supports you to monitor your campaigns’ performance. You can select which campaign you want to provide more budget and time.

What Snapchat Ads metrics should you investigate for Brand Awareness campaigns?



Cost per impression

For apps download

Fill out forms


For traffic



New visitors

Ad performance metrics


Snapchatters view your ads.

Swipe ups. Number of times people swipe up on your ads for attachments views

Conversion metrics

Add to cart.

Started checkout.


Return on ad spends (ROAS).

Analyzing your Snap Chat Ad Data

Snapchat Ads overview performance report

The best method to monitor your Snapchat Ads campaigns is to create an overview report.

Your monthly/weekly ad spend and ROAS

Weekly/monthly projection and trends that are worth achieving


WINDSOR.AI has built a plug-and-play Snapchat Ads dashboard for Google Data Studio to make your task easier


Snapchat creative performance report

Explains your visuals to communicate the product information

A creative performance report supports you to identify the combinations that suit your business most.

Let us get started with the Snapchat Ads performance template –

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First step:

You need to select Google Analytics as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Second Step:

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Google Data Studio

Third Step:

Select the fields on the right, and click on Google Data studio Destination

Then select the connect and authorize access to your data source.

The clear and accessible setup process

Unlimited Data Studio reports for metrics and dimensions

Import previous Snapchat Ads data for urgent observations

Disruption  protection

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