Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=campaign,clicks,spend,impressions,date,source&_renderer=csv


advertiserTEXTAdvertiser nameThe unique identification number for each advertiser.
advertiser_idTEXTAdvertiser idThe unique identification number for each advertiser.
campaignTEXTCampaignThe Campaign Name
clicksNUMERICClicksThe Number of Clicks
completion_rateNUMERICVideo completion rateThe ratio of video completions to impressions, expressed as a percentage.
conversion_rateNUMERICConversion rateThe rate of conversions to impressions.
cpaNUMERICcpaThe cost per acquisition.
cpcNUMERICcpcThe cost per click.
cpmNUMERICcpmThe cost per 1,000 impressions.
creative_nameTEXTCreative nameThe display name of the creative.
ctrPERCENTCtrThe rate of clicks to impressions.
dateDATEDateThe Date
deal_nameTEXTDeal nameThe name of the deal.
ecpaNUMERICEcpaThe effective advertiser spend per conversion/acquisition.
ecpcNUMERICEcpcThe effective advertiser spend per click.
ecpmNUMERICEcpmThe effective advertiser spend per 1000 impressions.
impressionsNUMERICImpressionsThe Number of Impressions Served
insertion_ordedTEXTInsertion orderThe name of the insertion order.
line_itemTEXTLine item nameThe name of the line item.
media_costNUMERICMedia costThe total amount spent to purchase all impressions.
spendNUMERICSpendThe Media Spend
spend_advertiserNUMERICSpend for advertiserThe total amount spent by the advertiser in the advertiser's preferred currency.
supply_typeTEXTType of appThe type of inventory.
total_convsNUMERICTotal conversionThe total number of post view and post click conversions.
totalcostNUMERICTotal CostThe Media Spend (Duplicate)
totalrevenueNUMERICTotal revenueThe total amount of post view and post click revenue.
view_impressionsNUMERICViewable impressionsThe number of measured impressions that were viewable
view_impressions_rateNUMERICViewability rateThe percentage of impressions that were viewable out of the total number of impressions.