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Analyze Where Your Sales Are Really Coming from

Stop Paying for Leads That Don't Convert

If you’re like many companies, your CRM system doesn’t show you the real source of your web leads. This could lead you to spend a large part of your marketing budget on low-quality leads that don’t convert.

connect crm to google analytics

You need more than form fills and goal completions to make marketing decisions

Most sales don’t happen online; they are done by sales reps, either in person or over the phone. By default, Google Analytics doesn’t have access to these sales, so you have no idea how much revenue was generated by a certain approach, ad, article, or keyword. This results in spending money on leads that don’t buy anything.

By default, Google Analytics doesn't track offline revenue

It’s not enough to measure form completions, since different traffic sources bring clients of very different quality. One channel may bring a handful of high-converting long-term clients, while another may bring only unqualified leads. The only way to evaluate a marketing campaign or channel is to track the revenue it generated.

Connect Google Analytics to your CRM and start analysing the whole customer journey. Get the benefits of data driven attribution and our budget optimiser. CRM systems we support: Salesforce, Hubspot, Magento, Marketo

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