Daisycon Looker Studio connector by Windsor.ai

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About the Connector

The connector pulls metrics and dimensions from Daisycon. The insights are retrieved at account and channel level.

Once user successfully logs into the connector its possible to choose the metrics and dimensions to create a report on.


The user should have access to their Daisycon user name and password in order to use this connector.

Available Metrics and Dimensions

Account IDTEXTYour Daisycon Advertiser ID
Account NameTEXTYour Daisycon Advertiser name
Advertiser IDTEXTDaisycon Ads advertiser ID
Click RawNUMERICClick raw
Click UniqueNUMERICClick unique
Clickout AmountNUMERICClickout amount
Clickout RawNUMERICClickout Raw
Clickout UniqueNUMERICClickout Unique
Cpc AmountNUMERICCpc amount
Cpc RawNUMERICCpc raw
Cpc UniqueNUMERICCpc unique
Currency CodeTEXTCurrency code
Transaction AmountNUMERICTransaction amount
Transaction ApprovedNUMERICTransaction Approved
Transaction Approved AmountNUMERICTransaction approved amount
Transaction Approved PartsNUMERICTransaction approved parts
Transaction Approved Program AmountNUMERICTransaction approved program amount
Transaction DisapprovedNUMERICTransaction Disapproved
Transaction Disapproved AmountNUMERICTransaction disapproved amount
Transaction Disapproved PartsNUMERICTransaction Disapproved parts
Transaction Disapproved Program AmountNUMERICTransaction disapproved program amount
Transaction OpenNUMERICTransaction open
Transaction Open AmountNUMERICTransaction open amount
Transaction Open PartsNUMERICTransaction open parts
Transaction Open Program AmountNUMERICTransaction open program amount
Transaction PartsNUMERICTransaction parts
Transaction Program AmountNUMERICTransaction amount
Transaction UniqueNUMERICTransaction unique
Transaction RevenueNUMERICTransaction revenue