Data driven attribution per keyword or ad content

Some of our clients like to not only use the high-level budget optimiser but go very granular with their analyses. They sometimes analyse the attributed revenue for every keyword and the customer journeys containing those keywords. This way they get data driven attribution per keyword and journey.

Here is an example of what it can look like to have a data driven attributed ROAS per keyword:

data driven attribution per keyword

data driven attribution per keyword with CPA or ROAS


When the ROAS is calculated with multi-touch attribution it simplifies the analyses because then the keyword gets credit wherever in the customer journey the keyword has appeared so the analyses become simpler.

Those who want to drill down into the keywords on a customer journey level can of course do so also. Then it can look like this:

keyword paths 1

Keyword paths and journeys containing the keywords


Then it becomes possible to search for the keywords so one can find the keywords wherever they appear in the path.

Doing data driven attribution per keyword and journey usually provides lots of insight and data so most of our customers dont go down to this level but some like to quite granular.

We are also testing now an API so we could provide a data-feed with this data so it could be pulled into any visualisation tool to make the analyses easier.