Failing Facebook Ads queries in Supermetrics

Supermetrics recently has this issue with Facebook Ads showing the message:

Error: Facebook is currently having temporary issues with their API. We failed to fetch the requested data with an error “job failed”. We suggest trying smaller queries until Facebook resolves their issues or please try again later.

We recently had many signups of new trial users which tested our Facebook Ads connector after having the Supermetrics issue. The error

facebook ads error supermetrics

Facebook Ads Error Supermetrics


mainly seems to happen when the automatic scheduling option is used. One of our customers which recently migrated from Supermetrics to wrote:

Your platform is by far superior to PowerMyanalytics or Supermetrics from I’ve seen so far in terms of data fetch and pricing…

So since you are already here you might want to give our Facebook Ads connector a try.

We support all the fields (Facebook Ads field documentation) you need and offer robust data pipelines.

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