Adobe doesn't seem to work... is this a known issue?

Adobe doesn’t seem to work… is this a known issue?

Niklas: Hi

thanks so much for your help, Niklas.

Niklas: What error?

Tried Google Sheets and says"Imported content is empty"
Trying your native dashboard now.

Niklas: i’ll check the settings

Her’es what the dashboard looks like.

thanks for your help

Niklas: in onboard form do you see any data in data preview?
What metrics do you pull from adobe?

It didn’t give me an option to select the metrics to pull from Adobe. I just c
clicked next and it said to pick to Google Sheets/Excel/Windsor Dashboards.
Not sure if it’s connected, as most i’ve seen requre oauth or API user and api secret

Niklas: it should be
everything seems ok
but would you want traffic, conversions etc from adobe?

never username nad password
yes traffic conversion, etc. is great

Niklas: ok, i will check and get back to you via email

thanks for your help.

Niklas: yw