Amazon MWS to google sheets

Connect Amazon MWS to Google Sheets in 2022
In this article, I’m looking at doing this.
Can you explain, what how many Data Source Connectors, and Data Destinations would be required to connect 1 Amazon SellerCentral account to 1 Google Sheet?
We have multiple stores, and I’m trying to figure out what Plan would be relevant for us? admin
i see, so our basic plan, you ll be able to use 3 data sources with unlimited accounts and 2 data destinations
the basic plan would work for you

we have 5 Amazon stores.
how many data sources is each store?

ok, and what about Google Sheet.
If we want to pull from 5 stores to 5 Google Sheets?
How many Sources/ Destinations is required? admin
it doesnt matter also we count it as one data destination

ok, so the difference is the number of reports in your plans?
and users - correct?

is there any template on the site I can go check out?
Or any videos I can review? admin
we have for power bi and data studio

Data Studio Amazon MWS Overview Report -

ok, we don’t use Data Studio, can this template be used in Google Sheets?
or I guess, can we pull the same data into our own Google Sheet? admin
yes sure you can, here a field list for amazon seller central

ok, thanks.
have a great day