Can i connect my Amazon India Marketplace through Google Data Studio? admin
Yes sure, you can use the Amazon MWS connector that you will find in Data Studio.
Just try to make sure that you query data from a single Amazon report to optimize speed, Amazon is often too slow for Data Studio otherwise.

Oh… but i am talking about Amazon India
to be very specific admin
Yes, here is the list of Amazon marketplaces we support, India is included

OK… but do you suggest a try… cause as u said… simple report even takes time thats why
Also in your pricing its mentioned as 2 or 3 data source… does it means a report or Amazon as a whole is 1 data source and then you fetch various reports… admin
Yes you can try, we have some users for which Amazon is quite fast but for others it’s more complicated
If it doesn’t work directly then the best way for many of our users has been to send the data daily to our database or Google BigQuery and then get the data from there into Data Studio
And yes Amazon MWS is 1 data source, you can query the various reports from it as much as Amazon allows

Ok. thank you for this information
I will see how to go about
i guess for me Basic plan should word
should work