Connecting Google analytics/Google ads and facebook ads to google data studio

Hi. I have set up my connectors for Google Analytics/Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and started creating a Data Studio report.
Data is pulling in ok, but I notice things like Amount Spent are all blended. What is the best way to show just Google Ads spend for instance? Normally the field for this is “Cost”, but I can only see “Cost all”
Have i set it up right - every field from the three platforms is in one long list, so it is hard to know which field relates to which platform

Niklas Kolster
You can add the source field
And then filter for Google

ok thanks - so I have set it up right? I just select “Amount Spent”, and then create a filter for Google as the source?

Niklas Kolster
That is the easiest way

Does “Conversions” relate to just Google Ads conversions?

Niklas Kolster
It is easiest to check in the onboard form
If you hover on the field it will show where its from

Great, thank you, that makes sense

You can Sign in to Data Studio, If you connecting Google ads to google data studio.
after Sign in, select Data Source and Select the Google Ads connector.
If you prompted to grant Data Studio access to your account, click AUTHORIZE.
Click ALL ACCOUNTS, then Select an account and Select Overall Account Fields. Now click Connect.