CPC and CPM as it's not pulling in the correct unit of measure

I need some help with the metrics for: CPC and CPM as it’s not pulling in the correct unit of measure.
I’m pulling Average CPC and Average CPM.

Windsor.ai admin
Where are you using those fields?

in Power Bi

Windsor.ai admin
I see, do you have maybe some example to help understand the problem?

The amount spent is pulling with the correct decimal places, example: 5.75
But cpc is pulling: 1149198.2

Windsor.ai admin
oh I see, what datasource are you using, is it Google Ads?


Windsor.ai admin
Ok, we will fix it, it could take a day. Are CPC and CPM the only fields you noticed with the issue?

Yeah, I don’t know if this is a system error or if I’m doing it wrong

Windsor.ai admin
No it’s just the way Google reports monetary values, it’s called Micros and it should be divided by 100000 to get the currency value
We will update so they are returned as expected in the currency value.
Thank you for reporting this

I appreciate the support