Display Facebook image in power bi

Hi Windsor Team , Do you have any experience in get picture posted in FB and display as image in power bi ?

Windsor.ai admin
We have experience with that in Data Studio, but it should be easy in Power BI as well
In the field list you can search for the fields with type “IMAGE_URL”: Facebook Ads - Data and Marketing Attribution Modelling | Windsor.ai

I using the name “URL” under Facebook Page Insights
I afraid i dont hv ads only can access facebook page insights

Windsor.ai admin
I see, right now we don’t have any image fields for Facebook Page Insights, the field “URL” returns the attachment to posts which is not always an image
permalink_url is the link to the facebook post, “url” might work if your attachment is an image but depends on each post

Could you please help to comment if Tiktok ads , instagram support image url ?

Windsor.ai admin
Instagram has “media_url” which is either an image or a video
tiktok doesn’t have image URLs at the moment
you can write about the missing features here https://feature-requests.windsor.ai/

ok thanks for fast response

Windsor.ai admin
Happy to help!