Google ads to tableau

I’m searching for a way to store data in the Windsor database. Do you have some docs on that?
I was using google ads connector to fetch data into Tableau, but I realized that it can’t be used in Tableau Online to update data everyday. As a workaround for that, I want to store data in Windsor Database and connect Tableau to the database, can you confirm if this is possible?

Niklas Kolster
you would not need to do that actually as our connectors have a cache
so you should be able to use the connector URL

I tried, but it fails to extract the data in Tableau online
Maybe in Tableau Desktop it would work well, but not for the online version

Niklas Kolster
here are notes on how to set it up also: database_caching [Knowledge Base]
yes I think most have used the tableau desktop, not sure about online actually
if it can use JSON or CSV datafeed it should work

Ok, I’ll take a look into that, thanks a lot!

Hello Adel,

Not sure if you’ve managed to find a solution to your issue. Indeed, Tableau Online does not support refreshing Web connectors, as per their official documentation. However, you can use Tableau Bridge for setting up an automatic refresh launched from your computer or a server towards Tableau Online.