Google sheets connector error

I’m having issues with the Google Sheets connector
And with the interface in general. Is it normal my only interface available is the environment? If yes, how do I set up an automatic import for Facebook Ads to Google Sheets?
I can’t find the necessary info in your wiki either. admin
can you please describe in more details your issues with interface? Like what other interfaces you expecting to have?
let me check about import thing
I guess you mean that GoogleSheets it’s not data source but destination. In that way you need to install an addon for Google Sheets. Were you able to install it?

Yes, but it gives me an error on which I don’t find any details or instructions on how to fix it… admin
hmm, looks strange, never saw that. Let me try to run it as well
that’s weird, works for me.
can you please show browser logs (F12 button should open browser console)
oh, was able to reproduce
seems it’s smth new from Google Sheets or we miss that
you can use our plugin from menus → Extensions → Ad Data Analytics
there will be Login and GetData windows
first you need to login with your api_key
and then you can configure data retrieving
there is also scheduling ability so you can configure auto updates with it

And where do I find the API?
api_key i mean
is it one api_key for my account, or one for every data source? admin
Yes, it’s in Onboarding
press “API URL” button and you will see it in url parameters
for your account in

Okay, thanks