Hello, We are testing out your connector between data studio and bing ads and it stopped working all the sudden and I am not sure why

Windsor.ai admin
Is there some error or what is the problem?

instead of pulling information and figures like it used to, it now just says “no data”
even though in the data sources screen in data studio, it says the plugin is working
im not sure if it came unconnected or something somehow?

Windsor.ai admin
I found the issue. We are working on making the information clearer in Data Studio, but Bing updated the authentication process and most users have to grant access to Bing again
To grant access again, in this example from a Data Studio report:

  • “Edit” the report, find the data source in the sidebar on the right and click the “Edit data source” button
  • On the data source field list, click “Edit connection”
  • There will be a link that looks like this: NOTE: To add more and manage your datasources please visit https://onboard.windsor.ai/?wsource=ds&api_key=your_api_key. If you click on that link you can grant access again.

thanks for this info I found the screens you are talking about
so I did add the Bing account ID
I see the red remove button next to the ID of 19024 now
then I have pressed “Next (Data Preview)”
is this correct?

Windsor.ai admin
If you click the “Grant access” button where you see the ID of 19024 that would be safer, it will go through the Bing authorization again

ok I just removed that old account and then re-added it
and then pressed the “Grant Bing Ads Access” blue button
should I have to press the “Next” button as well or no?

Windsor.ai admin
No that should not matter now, it should already work again in Data Studio if you clicked “Grant Bing Ads access” and wen through the steps
there could be some cached data for a few more minutes but if you query data for different dates or fields it should work.