Hello, your page https://www.windsor.ai/integration/ doesn't work

Niklas: Hi

I really need a complete list of the out of the box integrations as well as the facility to integrate with external APIs

Niklas: Oh
Marketing Performance Data Integration & Visualization Tool | Windsor
which one are you looking for?

The link can be found in this page

maybe the link is badly referenced

Niklas: oh, thanks
which integrations would you need?

Ideally facebook, instagram, google analytics infusionsoft by keap, with output to google sheets for example

Niklas: those we support
infustionsoft would have to be uploaded to sftp or csv
we dont have api to them


Niklas: do you manage it via facebook?


Niklas: then yes

the facebook API is able to pick up instagram interaction metrics?

Niklas: yes

good to know
infusionsoft would be complex to do that due to limitations on their side

Niklas: can they schedule email exports?

I don’t think so, at least not via the interface I have

Niklas: you can setup trial with us here: Signup
we can use csv files etc.

and you can output to google sheets

Niklas: yes
via our api
but it isn’t an out of the box integration? Must be integrated our side right?

Niklas: no,we just enter the formula in a google sheet and you have it


Niklas: I can show how to do it

the free plan and the 99 a month plan, what is the difference?

Niklas: but first step would be to setup the data pulling

other than 14 days reporting date range

Niklas: free only has one datasource and is more limited

thats all my questions then

Niklas: if you sign up for trial I would check that all is ok and get in touch with you
then setup the google sheet connection

If you want to know about your problem please read this ai marketing