Helping with power bi code 400:bad request via windsor connector

Helping with power bi code 400:bad request via windsor connector admin: Hi! Do you have an URL which you use to pull a data?

here รห ะ้ำ ีพส
here is the url
The URL show the data but the I can’t log in via power bi credentials part admin: there is another url on your screenshot
Could you try to edit it?

let me try updating the power bi client first
but i can’t edit the url
I stilll can
can’t edit it admin: Do you use our template or your own one?

my own one admin: How exactly do you pull a data?

thrrpugh the website
it works before like past 2 weeks
now it said bad request
can you check through your api to the request? admin: it works, the problem is that your URL in Power BI without api_key
it calls "", that return an error {“error”:“Not authorized”}
*but it should call "[

but before it was like this tho
because i pull like 4 api from google analytics admin: I don’t know how did you pull it, could you send some screenshots of how you did it?

i just place this api admin: Do you use desktop or web power BI version?

i use both
this happens when i download it through
web service
but when i sign in the credential in power bi it doesn’t work admin: Could you try to to re-import it again? It is should be something in Power BI, because URL works stable
*You can also try to add “&_renderer=csv” in the end of a query
Do you pull the data in the same way as it is described here? microsoft_power_bi [Knowledge Base]

can we go google meet?
so i can show you every step i did admin: okay, sure
here is the link