Hey, how do I get a split Spend per Country for google ads?

Windsor Ai admin
you add country to the fields
and then you can break it down

What is the exact field name for country in google ads?
I get an error everytime I add the field

Windsor Ai Admin
Do you use google data studio?

No, Power bi
I need to make the table ready for importing to power bi
I will if I get it to work before subscribing to your tool.

Windsor Ai Admin
do you have one account per country?

that will be a column also. But I need a country column

Windsor Ai Admin
geo fields had some limitations that they cannot be queried together with some other fields

yes, for example, spend…
I can make the report I need easily in google ads reporting. There I use the field “Country/Terretory (user location)”
But I can’t find it here
I must have this. I must be able to calculate ROAS per country. Without hat this tool is 100% useless

Windsor AI Admin
here was one guide on how to do it: Filter ad accounts, countries in Google Data Studio - Data and Marketing Attribution Modelling | Windsor.ai
we could use the same approach
there needs to be one identifier to identify the country

yes, what is the column tog et that
i don’t use google data studio
Do you mean I need to add data studio as an extra layer between google ads and windsor?
What is the point of windsor then?

Windsor Ai Admin
no that is just the process and case-statement

So what specifically do you want me to do to add the country column?

Windsor Ai admin
easiest would be if the campaigns or accounts were split by country

that is not an option
Some campaigns go over several countries

Windsor Ai Admin
here are the fields as they are in google geographic_view  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers
but im not sure which ones could be used.

So no way to split between countries?
Is that the case for FB, Pin, Snap, Tiktok also?
And Shopify

Windsor Ai Admin
Facebook has an easy country split
the others would have to be checked

check please
Also Shopify and Klaviyo
For Shopify and Klaviyo I have 5 accounts for each
How do I integrate that effectively?
I am a start-up, so I need a very fair price from you if I will move forward

Windsor Ai Admin

also has country

How will the structure be if I have 15 sources?
Every time I make a new source, I need to edit the previous one
The link is changing, the link is used to get the data into power bi

Windsor Ai Admin
if you just add accounts the link will stay the same

you only confirmed countries for a few of my sources

Windsor Ai Admin
it would be easiest if you connect them and check that you can get what you need