Hi ! im having problems getting data from Facebook. When i select "Age" or "Gender" it breaks and doesnt show "leads" data

Windsor.ai admin
Could you send some screenshots how you do it?

the “leads” are from Lead Forms inside facebook (not in website with conversions and pixel)

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What happens if you add “age” and “gender” in onbaording form?
facebook ads power bi

I’m adding fields from the same place of your screenshot
that’s right? or is any other place to do it

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Yes, the best way to add some fields it is here, in “onboarding” form

so the problem is with gender and age range
because without those two fields … “leads” appears with results

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I suspect that FB API doesn’t return “leads” on “gender” and “age” breakdowns, I’ll double-check it to be sure
I need some time to check it

i have another question… here in the onboarding form says “data preset” i put last 7 days but then in power bi can i see more?

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As I remember you can select different date intervals, it depends on how you connect it. Do you use connectors URL " https://connectors.windsor.ai/facebook…" ?

yes, with the url

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okay, then you can filter date in Power BI only inside the date interval you choose
You need more than 7 days than you have to select it in “onboarding” form

and there is another way to can filter any interval?
i mean, send to power bi all historic data

Windsor.ai admin

Yes, there is. We also provide our cloud storage. When you’ll find the combination of the field that you need you can pull data to our database on a daily basis. After that, you can use our service " https://charts.windsor.ai/" and filter data how you
If you are interested to try our “charts” I can help to connect your account there

how much it cost?

Windsor.ai admin

You can pull data to this destination and then open it in “charts”
We don’t charge for it separately, you can use it even on “Basic” (19$)

so i configure Cloud Database

Windsor.ai admin
I’ll have to create a database for you first and after that you can configure it.
it is done, you can configure it
oh, you did it already, I see the error
You don’t need to specify “Columns to match” here, it is needed when you pull several data sources to the same table

perfect, i have to put “add new” again?

Windsor.ai admin
You can update it, there is “Update” button
Do you see it?

no, doesnt appear

Windsor.ai admin
You have to click on “New” first

perfect, done

Windsor.ai admin
Could you now connect to https://charts.windsor.ai/
you can use the same login and password as for “onboarding”

yes ! im in

Windsor.ai admin
You can generate JSON URL here and filter data

Also, you can add some calculated metrics if needed, do some grouping, and so on

excelent !
i will try it now
i see “leads” column doesnt appear but i suppose that is because there is no data
i’m going to quit age and gender to get the correct data

Windsor.ai admin
Oh, right, somehow it didn’t add it
Unfortunately, it can’t add a new field to the existing table, but I can update this table manually
I added this field, so you can update it
You can also pull historical data if you need

oh perfect! that is the info i need
i will do it now
could you check please if its ok? i choose 1 year in backfill data but cant see more than january 2022 in charts
maybe im doing something wrong in charts too

Windsor.ai admin
I don’t see that it is loading now
Did you press “Update” ?

perfect! i see it
thanks !
well, im going to wait to have all data and if i have any another question i will contact you
when you can see fb API to check if leads gets data with gender and age can you tell me news please?without hurry
thank you very much