How can i had a period filter in a new dashboard? admin: Hello

Hi admin: You should be able to create a new chart using “Filter Box” as visualization type

there is no option “create a new chart”

I would like to copy the filter from a dashboard to another
but also this option is not availabel
for filter admin: Copying a filer is also possible. If you “explore” the existing filter, it will open in a new tab. From there, using the “save” button you can save a copy of the filter and add it to any of your dashboards

i know

i cannot admin: One moment, I am checking
It looks like there is a problem with saving a date only filter. As a workaround, it is possible to add one column to the “Filters configuration” settings, so the filter will show both the date and e.g. the source

I will forward the issue to the tech team immediately, is there an email we can use to let you know when this is fixed?

I am actually creating a new dashboard by copying some existing chart from other dashboard and would like to have one single period filter for all the chart/table i am adding admin: Does it work, to be able to filter until then, to add the “source” column (or any other that could be even more useful) as part of the filter?

i have no way to filter in the new dashboard admin: Adding this would make it possible to save the filter and use it in the new dashboard

probably, but i am not
and i do not want to filter each chart
i would like to have an overall filter for all the dashboard admin: Sorry for not being clear, what I mean is that adding that ‘source’ to the filter would allow you to save the filter and use it in the new dashboard

ok admin: This way it can be used to filter all charts in the new dashboard

Does it work?

Thank you!!! admin: Nice! Sorry for the confusion caused!

No pb
issue solve that´s the most important admin: That’s great! Is there something else I can help you with?