How exactly did you import FB data to googlesheets?

Good morning!
I have just set up a facebook integration with google sheets, but I can’t get it to reshesh

The API url is admin: Hi! How exactly did you import FB data to googlesheets?
Do you use Windsor spreadsheet add-on or do you use “IMPORTDATA” method?

Yes, I did

=IMPORTDATA("[ admin: This method doesn’t do automatic refresh you have to refresh that field manually, does it work?

How to I refresh the field manually? admin: Just select that field with formula and push “enter”

That gives me data through yesterday, which is more updated than before admin: You can also connect our add-on and adjust automatic refresh

That make sense.
I am trying to install the plugin, but am unable to log in:
When I click “log in”, nothing happens admin: Yes, unfortunately, it doesn’t return any notifications
Try to select “Get data into sheet”, it should work
It just re-prompts me with the login screen again admin: You have to enter our login and api_key and push “login” after that “login” window will be closed, then you should be able to open “Apps Script application” selecting “Get data into sheet”
Does it work?

No, the login screen does not disappear unless I click the X
What sould I do?

* admin: I just tried it, cannot reproduce this issue. Does it work as I do here or not?
What browser do you use?

I am using Chrome
In fireFox, I got it to work.
How to I set it to retrieve data for the past 28 days (rather than jus the past three) through? admin: You have it in that URL that you sent “date_preset=last_28d”, it returns data for last 28 days

How do I input this into the sheets plugin? admin: Sorry, seems it doesn’t work in this case, we’ll improve it. Then you have to use “IMPORTDATA” method and refresh it manually

I see, thank you!