How I can disable access to an account I connected?

How I can disable access to an account I connected?

Matthias: Hi
I can help you with that
Just let me know which account you would like to disable

My Google ads account
Which I have connected only one account in my profile

Matthias: do you have an account ID?


should be this

Matthias: OK I have removed the account
may I know if something did not work the way you expect?

I was looking for the unique users metric
to pull out from Google ads
however your tool didn’t have this too

Matthias: let me check this for you quickly
I think it should be possible


Matthias: Campaign Performance Report  |  AdWords API (Deprecated)  |  Google Developers these are all the metrics and dimensions we support

I’m not sure if the one you are looking for is in there. Could you help me to quickly check?
It seems like it is indeed not available

I did a quick search on the web and found this:

Let me check
That makes very sense
It is not in API

Matthias: This is a bit strange

The only way would be to automate some Google Ads reports into Google Sheets and consume the data from there.

this is what I would recommend doing
hope this helps

What’s that actually?
You get all the data view into the tool from platform?

Matthias: A scheduled report into a Google Sheets file

Do you think it gives the number?
Can you confirm that from your clients?

Matthias: I just logged into Google Ads to check
thats from our account
You can check on your end if you see the unique users appearing
and from there you can pull the data into a google sheets and from there you can connecting it to your data pipelines

is there a DIY recipe for that?
TBH, I am a stranger to the windsor
So, it would make things easier for me
If you have any tutorials or blog posts
So, I can give it a try

Matthias: for the unique users I don’t have an off the shelf solution for you
we do have quite a bit of content on our blog Data Driven Modelling and Data Management Blog | Windsor
It depends a bit what you want to achieve
is it only getting the unique users

Actually, I would like to get the report done as you provided in screenshot
didn’t know how to do that

Matthias: Aha
One moment
I can do a screen recording for you
that’s how I would do it
but the unique user count looks quite empty so I’m not sure why this is. I have actually never worked with this metric before.

So, you did this on your adwords account

Matthias: yes

okay, not in Windsor, right?

Matthias: no
we can only load whatever is available via API

Hah, got it
Makes sense
So how can we confirm that
the data connection is removed on Winstor?
From my account

Matthias: I removed it when you asked me to

Okayy, thank youu Matthias
I appreciated all of your help

Matthias: No worries

Nice to chat to you

Matthias: have a great rest of the week