How many users can i add in google ads?

How many users can i add in google ads?

Matthias: As many as you want

Is there any dummy data so that![](Unified Customer Experience Platform | Zoho CRM Plus i can check which type of data you are serving?

Matthias: you can try and connect one of your accounts


Matthias: you can always disconnect it

So I can add account via your console or can i do same via API?

Matthias: you just authorize your accounts on and then you can select them
if you have an agency account it will get you the whole list you and you can select which accounts you want to add

I have added one FB account
how can i see the data?

Matthias: you should receive an email with your login and password once you click the finish button


Matthias: if you have any questions regarding setup you are still unclear we can also do a screensharing

Can i get final result or final data of my FB ads account via API?
so that i can save this in my DB for analyzing?

Matthias: yes sure
you can pull all your data via API
API Documentation - Data and Marketing Attribution Modelling |
here is the documentation
look out for Retrieval of media costs across all channels for a specific date range on this page
that should help you

I need FB, Google and twitter but i think you are not providing twitter?

Matthias: we have twitter it’s just not available in the frontend
so we can get it running for you