How to connect three bing ads accounts

Matthias: Hi Peter
Let me have a look
One moment please

Thanks I know i am on the free membership, but then Id like to know
How to connect three bing ads accounts (perhaps just one, because it is a manager solution) to Data Studio cheapest

Matthias: Let me have a look

Thank you

Matthias: I see it working here
is the issue in data studio?

Yes it often tells me I need to autherise the connection again

Matthias: ok. would you mind sharing the dashboard

Should be shared now

Matthias: checking


Matthias: which page should I check?

Page 4 - Sweden

Matthias: the filter seems off

Should be SE | instead of SE -

also there is the free trial message there. so it would be nice if you could upgrade to the basic plan

then this would go away

Oh my lord, is this my own mistake in data studio
I am so sorry

Matthias: No worries

How is the pricing within Windsor?
From what I can see on the pricing page, I should be able to be a free user with just two connections, right?

Matthias: Yes, but we start adding message to the data please upgrade after 30 days (see screengrab)

Pricing is US$19/month for your setup

More details here - Pricing that fits your needs

Maybe I am not understanding the obvious, but why can I now use the free plan?
That sounded horrible, sorry
But what have I added that makes me a Basic plan user, and not the free one?

Matthias: The only way to continue with the free plan without the messages would be to re register

Quick question then
Source Connectors

Is Bing Ads one Source Connector or are the Bing Ads Accounts a Source Connector?

Matthias Kraaz

The accounts are counted as source connectors

Would it be possible to use a manager account as one source connector?

With several accounts in this manager account?

Matthias Kraaz

It’s per ad account itself and not per MCC account

Roger that.

Matthias Kraaz

I am asking because I am looking for a solution for this. I work as a freelance marketing consultant and this service is a really nice one, but also somewhat pricy if i want to merge Facebook Ads and Bing Ads

Matthias Kraaz

I see. For these situations we can be flexible with the pricing. We have quite many digital marketing consultants which use our software for their clients.

One way which we often do is that we share the revenue from our subscription with you and then support would go through you.

Not sure what your exact setup is but as said we can be flexible

That sounds like a good idea to be honest. My clients would expect me to be the support-guy.

I am going into a meeting in five minutes, lets continue this on e-mail?

Can you send me a proposal of some sort on

Matthias Kraaz

ok sure.

will do.

Thank you.

Perhaps some different solutions or what you guys usually do

That would be much appreciated