How to see the multitouch attribution dashboard


Niklas: hi

I just created an account

and I paid

but I can’t figure out how to see the multitouch attribution dashboard

Niklas: if you click on it in the form?

what do you mean by form?

I went to here

then I bought the plan for $19

but I do not see the Multi-touch attribution report

Niklas: on

if you login there there is a link

ok, I will try

one sec

I just did this, but everything looks the same now as it did before I paid $19

For instance, I am trying to see the report described here - Attribution Modeling Software: Marketing attribution improves ROI

Where there is reporting on markov model

I can’t find any markov statistics in either the ROAS or CPA reports in my account

Niklas: which dashboard are you looking at?

a dashboard in ?

if easier, could we get on a quick zoom or skype

Niklas: sure

I need 5 minutes

Niklas: ok

my partner is going to join as well

Alek and I are both in the zoom waiting room ready to get started when you are