Hubspot to Data studio

1 quick question: Which HubSpot Metric I should use in Data Studio in order to analyze the amount of contacts? I want to filter then (lifecycle_stage equals marketing qualified and sales qualified) but I cant find the amount of contacts as a metric? admin
You can use the Data Studio functions to count the amount of contacts filtered for each lifecycle stage

Data Studio Templates [UPDATED 2022 ]:
I saw it in your templates but i cant download this one (the download button is missing)
CRM Attribution Dashboard
Can u give me a short tutorial on how to do that? admin
Yes, let me check quickly
You can use “Company Associated Contacts” and “Company Lifecycle Stage”

Is it possible to that on contact level? I believe our sales team only changes the lifecycle on contact not company level admin
Well yes, in data studio you can edit the connector and add a “calculated field” which can be like “count(Contact ID)” and that will count the number of contacts, and there is already a field for “Contact Lifecycle Stage”

Thank you very much. It worked