I am currently trying to connect Shopify with data studio, may I know how can I get my daily performance on shopify quick? Now seems I dont have a metrics "date"

Now seems I dont have a metrics “date”

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Hello, “date” is one of the available fields

I have the order created date, but is there any metric i can get to compare my daily performance across the month?

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Do you mean like “Order Net Sales” ? Or is the date not the one you are looking for?
Shopify also provides the “Order Updated At” field with the date when the order was last modified

which metric should i pick to generate the overall daily sales

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I see now, the recurring payments have dates different than the order date right?

if i use “order created date”, there would be a lot of columns for one day
coz we have dozens of orders every day
so i wanna summarize the total sales of each day, then put it into a table

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ok but that is not a problem, data studio will create a sum of the revenues per day automatically
If you put “Order created date” in the chart dimensions and “Order net sales” in the metrics
Since the creation date also includes the hour, you would have to hide it so it can group all the orders for the same day together.

i see
i guess it’s the hour problem

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We will look at it also and maybe add a new field without the hour. If that would make it much easier for you it would be nice if you could describe it at https://feature-requests.windsor.ai/

thanks for your help
another question now would be seems the net sales amout is different from what i saw in shopify

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That could be, the net sales are calculated on our side as “order_gross_sales - order_total_discounts - order_refunds_net”
Our understanding is that Shopify uses the same formula, or very similar. If you have an example with how the data looks and how it is in Shopify we could investigate further

seems theres difference in between
below is my shopify screencap
upper table is from data studio

Windsor.ai admin
Today’s data should become visible, I just noticed that while checking this issue and we will have a fix for it today. If you select a time range until tomorrow it will appear
We also found the issue with the gross and net sales numbers so it will be fixed today.
We will try to push this so the fix is published in the next hour or so, if that doesn’t work it will be fixed by tomorrow in any case.