I am trying to pull our HubSpot data into PowerBI

Hi there, I am trying to pull our HubSpot data into PowerBI. I’m at the Select Destination stage of the process and attempting to open the API URL per the instructions here How to connect HubSpot to Power BI? - Data and Marketing Attribution Modelling | Windsor.ai , however I am getting this error {“error”: “sequence item 0: expected str instance, int found”}. I am having a hard time finding details on this error, if you can please provide me with some context about this so I can troubleshoot the issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Niklas Kolster
yes im checking
first query is still running

Okay, just making sure!

Niklas Kolster

with second i get that error yes
i would use the first url
because there is only one hubspot account so it does not make sense to filter for it
problem ofc is that the first query takes lots of time

Got it. So would it be safe to assume there was a redundancy that was causing the error?

Niklas Kolster
reducing the date_preset and fields can help speeding up the first query

That would make sense. I appreciate your assistance this afternoon, Niklas. Thank you.