I have added Amazon MWS in my seller account

Hello:I need help

Windsor.ai admin: Hi! How van I help you?

I have added Amazon MWS
in my seller account
but when trying to export to excel
getting this error
Cannot show preview table, because of “Fields are from different reports and cannot be queried together: Group: orders: {‘item_price’, ‘item_status’, ‘buyer_email’, ‘is_sold_by_ab’} Report: FBA Inventory Health Report: {‘total_quantity’, ‘product_group’, ‘your_price’} Report: FBA Fee Preview Report: {‘estimated_fee_total’}”

Windsor.ai admin: Seems that it comes from different reports and there are no common fields to merge it. Toy can try to pull it separately

When i try one value i get the same

Windsor.ai admin: which value?

let me check
oo. no. now it’s look like it’s loading
i just used asin
Loading data preview…
how long is it taking

Windsor.ai admin: Unfortunately, Amazon MWS API works really slow, we cannot affect it
I need some time to check it

ok thanks
Have a nice day
Hi got another question

Windsor.ai admin: Okay, what is the question?
Could you also send a link which you used to get Amazon MWS data, all fields that you requested?