I have added api key to google sheets and clicked log in but nothings happening

I have added api key to google sheets and clicked log in but nothings happening

Windsor.ai admin: Hi!Could you sent some screenshots to show what you did?

here is where i am trying to login

this is where i am getting the data from

not sure what else to send you

are you still there?


sorry just checking you were still there, i havn;t had a response

Windsor.ai admin: Do you have add-ons menu in your Google sheets?

yes, thats how i got to that log in screen

Windsor.ai admin: It also doesn’t work for me
We’ll figure out what is wrong here and write you when it would be fixed
There is another way to get a data in spreadsheet, I’ll write you

ok thank you

Windsor.ai admin: You can use IMPORTDATA() method

and put there link what you have in onboarding form

on line 8 is that because i have reached a cap?

Windsor.ai admin: here

sorry think we crossed over there

Windsor.ai admin: yes

ok can you see what cap i have reached? i thought i had 500k rows?

Windsor.ai admin: it is not only about a number of rows, could be number of connectors/destinations

ok but i only have 1 user 2 data source connectors 2 data destinations. I can’t work out what cap i have reached

as far as i can tell i am within all the restrictions

Windsor.ai admin: I need some time to check it

ok no worries, if you could let me know that would be great

Windsor.ai admin: okay, we’ll check it and write you here or in email

ok thank you

is there any update on this, or are you still working on it?

Windsor.ai admin: All customers which are not subscribed have this ‘free trial message’ after trial period (30 days)

are you still there?

Windsor.ai admin: hi! yes