I just signed up for Windsor and connected all of our ad platforms

You there?

Matthias: Hi

Yes, how can I help you?

hi, i just signed up for Windsor and connected all of our ad platforms.

I am a marketing manager and don’t have time to setup the dashboard. I was wondering if there was a done-for-you service, or you could refer me to anyone (or an external service) who knows Windsor to set the dashboard exactly up how I want it?

Matthias: That’s included in the pro plan

So wouldit be possible to buy the pro plan and get a member of your team to set it up for me, then dorp down to the standard plan after its been setup?

Matthias: Yes, that’s possible

is it possible to get on a call with someone before i purchase the pro plan to ensure my needs can be achieved with Windsor?

Matthias: sure

Calendly - Matthias Kraaz

that’s my availability

when booking the meeting there is a question about what the meeting will be about. Would be nice if you could put the channels you work with and what you want to achieve in this box.

cool, one more thing with the “Data source connectors” - does this mean each integration. For example these are the following tools i want to integrate:

Facebook ads
pinterest ads
snap ads
tik tok ads
google ads
bing ads

Does that mean there are 6 data source connectors?

Matthias: thats correct

so the professional plan would not suit my needs… i would need to get enterprise?

Matthias: it should work to add on one data source connector manually

to the plan

we can have a look at this on the call

what is difference between data destintion and data source connector

Matthias: data destination is a BI tool (Data Studio, Power BI, Excel, …) or database (BigQuery, Postgres,…)

data source are the channels where the data is coming from like e.g. Facebook Ads

in regards to the data volume per month, how can i figure this out?

how can i figure out what i ened

Matthias: this depends on how many accounts you will connect (e.g. if you connect 200 Facebook accounts the row count likely increase to >2M rows).

What about 1 ad account on:
Facebook ads
pinterest ads
snap ads
tik tok ads
google ads
bing ads

Matthias: then a standard package should suffice. we have to add on the separate connector for 39$/month so you have 6 instead of 5 connectors.

ok great

ok great

I am going to make a Loom video for you now, and I will add that Loom video of what we are trying to achieve. would be great if you could look at that before the call so we can go from there. I will try and make the loom video as brief as possible

Matthias: sounds good!

what is your level of skill in google analytics?

Matthias: advanced I would say


will make the loom video now and book the call for tomorrow

I have scheduled the call

I have added the loom video to the notes. But u can also check it here:

do u want to watch it and tell me if it all makes sense… hopefully I explained it clear enough

Matthias: I started watching it and it makes sense.

do u think windsor can help with this?

Matthias: yes
we can set it up tomorrow

that would be awesome

the thing i need to ensure is that we can filter Google analytics with ‘source’ and ‘medium’ contains certain words.

And on the ad platforms - the campaign name and ad names contain certain words

Matthias: yes, these are simple regular expressions

what plan do you think will be needed to achieve this?

Matthias: Standard

but if you need our help I suggest pro for one or two months and then downgrading after

what kind of help can i expect on the pro plan?

Matthias: a weekly/bi-weekly call with us to make sure that you get what you want.

we’ll also help with the onboarding

but will you guys actually build the dashboard for us?

Matthias: yes we can

awesome ill speak to you tomorrow then looking forward to it

Matthias: looking forward too!