I keep getting 'null' in some of the 'data_driven_revenue' fields which makes my calculated field roas also null


Windsor.ai admin: Hello

Sorry to bother again
but I’m running into issues

It’s about diamanti per tutti
I keep getting ‘null’ in some of the ‘data_driven_revenue’ fields
which makes my calculated field roas also null

Windsor.ai admin: No worry
I understand that it’s a calculated field in datastudio right?

Yes the roas is
the revenue is just “data_driven_revenue” renamed
Am I talking to Matthias? I invited him to both the report and the data source

Windsor.ai admin: No this is Octavian, I’ll invite Matthias to this chat

It should be possible in calculated fields to handle those nulls, for instance “CASE WHEN Revenue IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE Revenue END” or “NARY_MAX (Revenue,0) ”

Windsor.ai admin invited Matthias Kraaz to join the chat.

I created revenue_fixed
and calculated roas on that

roas is now 0 however

shared acces to both data source and report

Windsor.ai admin: I see, one second I will check it

when I try to copy the datasource it says that the roas field is invalid, however it doesn’t show me your field definition

Windsor.ai admin: the formula you used for “roas” that is in your screenshot above, for some reason it says it’s invalid

so can I help? / what do I need to do
I provided a screenshot of the formula I used

Windsor.ai admin: I am trying to reproduce still, setting up a new account with revenues and costs now

Hey! I am having the same problem. I created calculated fields from a data source of windsor (to unify fields that are different in each of the different tools integrated in the data source). When I include them in a table chart, the field does not show the value dissagrated. It just shows null. Some clues about this?