I started to use your FB ads integration

I started to use your FB ads integration

I see the column country in documentation, but when I am trying to add it to the query - it doesn’t work

Matthias: hi
ok. let me have a look
could you send me the api url you used?

without country - works fine

here were I took the list of columns

Matthias: one moment please


this way it should work
will also update the documentation
thanks for highlighting

doesn’t work(
I did a mistake

Matthias: ok

not working
data is not loading

Matthias: oh you were right yes

can you try this please?
works for me here

Could not fetch url

Matthias: Did you insert your key?


Matthias: sample - Google Tabellen

can you check this and copy it if that’s what you’re looking for?

yes. I will check
it doesn’t work for my API Key((((

Matthias: interesting
one moment

It can be related to some limits
because it is loading for Loading… for some time and is breaking only after it
can it be related to issue with my account?

Matthias: I’m checking


Matthias: if you put the url itself in a browser do you get an error message?


Matthias: ok

the csv file was downloaded
for ~1000 lines

Matthias: ok and in google sheets does it work?

I tried to do it from yesterday to have -1 day only. not -2

Matthias: ok
I’m investigating

doesn;t work

Matthias: it looks like there is timeout which is not disclosed by google Google Sheets IMPORTDATA timeout - Stack Overflow

if you would remove dimensions (e.g. adset_id,adset_name) the data would be less granular and could be loaded
it’s a far from perfect solution
alternative would be to use google script

I will try