I still can't get R studio to connect to windsor.ai . Can anyone help me?

hello. I still can’t get R studio to connect to windsor.ai . Can anyone help me?
Windsor.ai admin
Hello, sure, what is the problem?
I was working with Niklas yesterday.

API key not valid… but it is.
‘api_key validation failed’
Windsor.ai admin
Ok, let me check quickly

data_req <- GET("https://api.windsor.ai/windsor_attribution/public/conversions";, add_headers(
"Authorization" =
"Bearer API_KEY")
journey_data <- content(data_req, "text")
journey_data_json <- fromJSON(journey_data, flatten = TRUE)
journey_data_df <- as.data.frame(journey_data_json)

just want to get that journey data frame… stuck at that point.
thank you for your help.

Windsor.ai admin
I’m still checking
What data are you trying to use in R?

right now… just trying to work my way through the tutorial.
eventually, calculate the NPV of all the different customer types and adjust the code to optimize for
channel spend.

But I can’t get either tutorial to work. - https://www.r-bloggers.com/2021/04/windsorair-package-foraccessing-windsor-ai-api-from-r/

Windsor.ai admin
Ok I think the first one you linked is outdated, I am still verifying if it works here though
outdated means that there is a new article somewhere with updated code that does work?

Windsor.ai admin
No I think we have to update it, the URL structure changed and was missed there

“data_req <-

The above works here

extra " ?

Windsor.ai admin
No I think that was added by the chat here
I updated the article, it might be easier to copy from there

data_req <- GET("https://api.windsor.ai/USER_NAME/USER_NAME_attribution/public/conversions?

I got it. thanks.
may I ask your name? I’ve talked to 2 people so far

Windsor.ai admin
Sure, this is Octavian

thank you very much for your help.
some questions in general.

Windsor.ai admin
By the way we have a call scheduled in 30 minutes :slight_smile:
we are talking… I thought it was with someone else.

Windsor.ai admin
Yes it was with Matthias, but he had to disconnect today
journey_data — what are my other options there?
documentation anywhere?

Windsor.ai admin
Do you mean regarding filtering the conversions, for instance by date?
journey_data give me a predetermined set of columns… but what is the full list of columns to pick from?

Windsor.ai admin
Those are all the available columns for the journeys, for all the dates that we have in the database
I can help you to build queries to select subsets of those if you plan to run it often, and we can load more
days back if needed

OK. thank you.
How would I adjust this code to work too?

Windsor.ai admin
By the way there are more API details at API Documentation - Data and Marketing Attribution Modelling | Windsor.ai
right now, I have 7 days of data loaded in on my free trial but how many days will load with the $99/mo

Windsor.ai admin
Around 1 year is usually not a problem, it depends a bit on the data size mainly
Will you update the code on this article and just email it to me please? https://www.rbloggers.com/2021/04/windsorair-package-for-accessing-windsor-ai-api-from-r/

1 year of data takes about a day to load when I upgrade?

Windsor.ai admin
It again depends on the data size and the google APIs but I think it should be feasible in a day yes
I’ll let you take a breather now. I will prep for our call. This stuff is actually cool.

Windsor.ai admin
Sounds good! I think the R package has some dependencies that were just updated and it should be
updated accordingly, I will have a quick look!