I would like to duplicate DPT ROAS dashboard but use it with different data sources, how can I do this?

Hello, I would like to duplicate DPT ROAS dashboard but use it with different data sources, how can I do this?

Niklas: Hi
You can select save as
And then save it under a new name

Awesome, how can I delete a dashboard?

Niklas: if you go here: Windsor.ai
it should show a list of dashboards and then “Delete record” deletes it
I can do it for you also if you want

I don’t see delete record

Niklas: https://i.imgur.com/pND8XU1.png
there is the save as option

I have created the new dashboard but how can I connect different data sources? (New FB ads, New Google Ads, Google Analytics, …)

Niklas: oh
then its actually easiest if you do the onboarding with a new username so we get the datasources created
then we need to change them in the dashboards

For every dashboard I would need to Onboard again as a new user?

Niklas: Are they different clients that should not see each others data?


Niklas: in that case that is the best option
other option would be to add a new Google Analytics view for them and then connect the adplatforms to that
but if they need to be under separate access credentials I think the first would be best

But we can send the clients PDF’s of the dashboards for example right? That way we can do it all in one account
I’ll give the Google Analytics View a try, how would I go about this?

Niklas: That would work yes
if you login to the onboard form and add a new GA view
and then add the ad-accounts when that is selected

Can I connect multiple Gsuite accounts?
I have analytics accounts in different views sometimes

Niklas: yes that should work

It does, awesome
now I selected this and I will add the ad accounts

Niklas: google might autologin so might have to log out first, oh ok

It won’t mess with the existing dashboard & connection right?
of the other client

Niklas: no

Do I need to deselect previous ad accounts?
after selecting the new google analytics

Niklas: no

(for example google ads, it now has old and new account)

Niklas: they should be always “attached to the ga view”

ok keep both old and new selected? even though they are different clients

Niklas: yes

The different Google Ads (old / new) are then connected to the new google analytics

Niklas: but we might have to check your setup manually

ok I’ll try it
I have finished the setup
Don’t see a new dashboard in my account

Niklas: ok, now it will take some time to load the data
it will not create a new dashboard, but there should appear a new type of conversion and then we can save a new dashboard with that filter selected as default
this will take 15mins or so now

Ok great