I'd like to cancel my membership - how do I do that?

I’d like to cancel my membership - how do I do that?

Windsor.ai admin

You received an email when you subscribed on Windsor, so you can unsubscribe there. Do you have that email?

We can also unsubscribe you if you want

no I don’t

can you unsubscribe me and cancel my monthly payments


Windsor.ai admin


What email did you use in stripe?

why do you need this information?

Windsor.ai admin

To find you in our subscribers list

thats the email I used to login

I didn’t use any other email.

Windsor.ai admin

I don’t see any payments in stripe from user with this email

Did you use trial or you subscribed?

I’m pretty sure I subscribed

Windsor.ai admin

Could you find subscribe email please?

that is the correct one

just search handmade bosses

Windsor.ai admin

I mean email letter that notified you about subscription

I dont have it, ive done a search and its not there

Windsor.ai admin

I also don’t see your email in stripe

Do you have maybe a payment confirmation?

nothing at all

Windsor.ai admin

Do you remember approximately when you subscribed?

Windsor.ai admin

I see that you logged in onboarding 29.09.2021 but I don’t see any payments

okay - so does that mean I wasn’t subscribed?

Windsor.ai admin

Yes, seems so

Or you used another email

nope, it would have been this one

Push to CRM



System ended