I'm trying to understand how do I get my IG / FB campaigns in Power BI

Hi. I’m trying to understand how do I get my IG / FB campaigns in Power BI

Matthias: Hi
You can find the description and video here microsoft_power_bi [Knowledge Base]

Great. i’ll check and be back with you

Matthias: Perfect

I don’t know if i’m getting it right. Seems to me that I’should set up one data source for each campaign?

And that would mean one “data source connector” for each campaign? (Against, say, the limit of 3 DSC in the basic plan?)

Matthias: In the trial version you can add up to three accounts
On the paid plans one data source counts as one connector
so facebook ads = one data source
you can add as many facebook accounts as you want

OK that makes sense then
We’ll be probably giving it a shot then

Matthias: That’s great to hear

:crossed_fingers: so i’ll be discussing this with my client. And then, hopefully, get back in touch
Thanks Matthias

Sorry. One more question
We use sendinblue as email marketing platform

Do you have a connector to this service?

Matthias: Not yet but we can add it to the backlog

ok. let’s see then
thanks. best regards

Matthias: Would you need to retrieve campaign details from sendinblue?
would help us to understand whats needed if you could confirm this

We want to get data at contact level (which campaigns he was sent, when, frequency of contacts, if he had any interaction with each one, etc)

Matthias: ok got it
thanks for sharing this