I'm using the trial version - looks like my data is not correct, can someone from a technical team help me? T

Hi, I’m using the trial version - looks like my data is not correct, can someone from a technical team help me? Thanks.

Matthias: Hi
I can help

  • let me know the exact issue?*j

at the moment, revenue from facebook is zero
but it’s not actually

Matthias: this is the multitouch attributed revenue you see there
please give me a moment

ya sure

the default data set you are looking at is the multitouch attributed data. for this your UTM tagging needs to be properly set up.

If you are interested how to do this I have created this article here: How Do You Tag Facebook Ads For Google Analytics?

counting conversions from Facebook itself can lead to double counting

If you nevertheless would like to get them in you can simply add them like in the video I sent you

ok ;let me check

Matthias: sure

how you come to know that my UTM tagging is not correct?
as per my colleague is correct

and I am assuming, your platform is taking the data directly from Ad platform?

Matthias: it does for the costs

and then matching it automatically to the attributed conversions

so there are two ways of looking at it:
1. ad platform attributed conversions
2. multitouch attributed conversions

which one do you want to see?

I thought using multi touch we can get the attributed view of facebook revenue and other ad platform revenue

Matthias: as for the facebook tagging: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software I do not see any session with facebook / cpc in this data set

ok one sec let me check
OK let me check with my fb team
and tell me on thing

Matthias: no worries

if i want to see the attrbiuted view of revenue - as you know GA is not reporting the accurate data, how can I do it in your platform

this is what I wanted to achieve using this

Matthias: this is where it would show up if it’s tagged

If you want you can check with your fb team and I’m happy to do a quick screen share session later this week

here is my availability: Calendly - Matthias Kraaz

ya cool. let me check with them