Is there another way to integrate other metrics (Total orders, Products sold, Repeat rate...)

Hello, I was trying to add a Klaviyo account to my report and it seems we can only integrate the fields below.
Klaviyo fields & dimensions admin
If you could describe the metrics you need and any additional useful information in a new request here it would be useful and you would be updated when things change:

Ok, will do, Thank you for your responsiveness
I equally noticed an issue with a specific account on Shopify, we are filtering # orders in our data sheet by extracting number of orders from Shopify and filter for financial status being paid. Turns out that we also create new orders when a product swap takes place (which would also count as a new order in Shopify). This messes with our # orders data as that’s obviously not a new customer acquired, Is there a way to filter out the customers that have more than 1 order order? admin
Does it work to get the customer email and check for duplicates?

I’ve tried that but since we work with cross check tables and already filter out all the unpaid orders, I didn’t figure a way to automaticaly remove the customer email duplicates there admin
Does it work to get the email in a column and then use Data -> Remove duplicates?
Or, if the email is for instance in column A, using a formula like the following would identify the duplicates: “=COUNTIF(A$2:A2,A2)>1”

Ok I will try that, thanks for your help