Just checking in to make sure my account has been canceled. Haven't received a confirmation last week

Hey, just checking in to make sure my account has been canceled. Haven’t received a confirmation last week.


Windsor.ai admin: Hello! What’s your email?

Okay, checking…


whilst you’re looking into the account, I would actually like to ask if you could delete my account in it’s entirety

Windsor.ai admin: I can confirm that your subscription has been cancelled

good to know, thanks a lot

Windsor.ai admin: Do you mean, delete your user from Windsor.ai?


Windsor.ai admin: Yes, of course. If that won’t bother you, could you share with me what made you change your mind?

I use these connectors in a certain way for clients and for now, supermetrics is a better fit for my use case

let me know if that helps

Windsor.ai admin: I’ve deleted your account from Windsor.ai. We were glad to have you on board!

Thanks for your help!
although I can still seem to login

Windsor.ai admin: Oh, that’s a battle lost. But we will continue to make progress so then suddenly we might win you back

I hope so

Windsor.ai admin: That’s weird. Maybe some caching issues. I’ll check now and be back soon