Ok, I went ahead an purchased a paid account but it doesn't appear to have given me the updated permissions. When will that update?

I will enable it asap

3:30 AM

oh ok, thank you so much

3:30 AM

It has to be enabled manually

3:30 AM

ahhh ok, thank you for that

I thought I had messed something up there

3:31 AM

It should be now

3:31 AM

I tried refreshing, but I’m still getting the following error
image (3)

3:36 AM

Error ID: 5d262b6c

3:36 AM

That is a twitter limit

I will check

3:38 AM

Thank you

Yeah, 90 days is pretty limiting.

3:45 AM

it can be stored

I can create a guide how to setup the storage

also might be that older data can be fetched by just changing so the time-window in one request is more than 90days

4:29 AM

That would be awesome if I could set up storage

I’ll try fetching older data too

Yeah, fetching older data didn’t really work well. If I can store it though, I could make that work.

5:21 AM