Refresh problems on demo account

So I have several google AdWords accounts which are shared to 1 central account.
I added the central account via my Windsor demo, and the shared accounts showed up so I chose the 4 I need.
I generated the URL using the onboarding page.[MY KEY]}&date_from=2022-10-10&date_to=2022-10-31&fields=account_name,campaign,clicks,ctr,date,source,spend&_renderer=powerbi

The data comes in great, and because I chose a date in the future it contains todays current spend data.

So I setup a very simple card filtering to just one of the 4 accounts, filtering to today only and totalling the spend on that account. I Called it ‘Todays spend’, it matches what is currently on the adwords portal.
I made a graph showing historical data in that range too… all good.
I chose a future date as I want to report to keep showing live data as we progress. when I pay for Windsor I plan to use a date way in the future.

This is a live account and spending is currently ongoing so ‘todays spend’ is increasing by the minute so the number in the AdWords portal is climbing…
The Powerbi report is stuck on £781.22, no matter how many times I refresh it doesn’t change. The adwords portal is on £850 by now.

If I go into the data source settings and slightly change the URL dates for example change it to …[MY KEY]}&date_from=2022-10-11&date_to=2022-10-31&fields=account_name,campaign,clicks,ctr,date,source,spend&_renderer=powerbi

It refreshes and gets the current ‘Todays Spend’ which matches the portal, However it does not continue to grow and stays on £850

If I switch the URL back to the first one I use then todays spend drops to £781.22 again.
I can specify another date range the get the current ‘todays spend’ but only once, once this range has been used then ‘todays spend’ seems static again for that URL.

Any Ideas how I can get it to refresh correctly with the static URL ?.

My next question once the above works is how do I get the published (Premium capacity) report to refresh its dataset on a schedule? It wont at the moment, it has a yellow triangle and It tells me that it needs authorisation details, but I thought it authorised by the API key in the URL? Maybe I need to tweak the connector details so PBI knows where to insert the key for auth once published ?


I figured out the second question, I put the web auth credentials into the dataset auth on PBI (service not desktop), so I no longer get that error.

Still struggling with the lack of refreshed live data unless I change the URL each time I refresh though.


@Mark we currently only allow to pull data until the previous day even if the date is set in the future. so it’s not possible to get in todays spend. if there is data for todays date on other date ranges it is not officially supported. If you want us to add support for it best would be to open a feature request here

Thanks for getting back to me Matt… That explains it then, your chat support told me it would work… and it seemed to at first.

I notice that someone else had already submitted the feature request. I added an upvote.

Is there any feedback given from this? will the feature be added and is there a timeframe ?
Just so I know if I can rely on Windsor for what we need, or if I have to start looking around.

Hi Mark,

For Facebook Ads and Google Ads you should also be able to get todays data now.

Hi Matt,

Its just the same for me (Google ads), once a URL has been refreshed for the first time of the day and has the current data for Today, then it always returns that same data when refreshing for the rest of the day. It doesn’t update unless I change the URL.


Just to add, it does refresh once or twice per day. However we need it to always refresh whenever we call it to keep the data real time.