Sometimes i got this. How can i fix it?

Sometimes i got this. How can i fix it?

Niklas: Hi



Niklas: I believe we have to fix it

Can you share the dashboard

I use Google Studio

Niklas: Yes


Niklas: If you share with us we can check

I can reproduce

I will check


Niklas: There is 2 datasources

In the dashboard

i see

Niklas: Yes

Can it be that only one is configured?

I just need one
I dont know why it’s 2 source

Niklas: Delete one

Which one need to delete

I have 3

Niklas: You should check which is working

Just rename
Now i will remove one by one to check it
Please check again
Just 1 source but not work
I think have problem with your API with Fb. Sometimes i got that error, not all the time
Are you there?